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    IBM rep on COBOL:

    Just because a language is 50 years old, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good

    Well, they’re right: that’s not the reason COBOL isn’t good. The Wikipedia page suggests a few better reasons. Check out some of the code snippets.

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      COBOL will outlive us all. In ten-thousand years, when humanity has been replaced by gengineered simuloids, there will still be agents dedicated to maintaining their ancient COBOL subsystems.

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        There was a joke in the Y2K era about a programmer who was terrified about the Y2K bug and had himself cryogenically frozen to wait out the tech apocalypse. 8000 years later he was revived into a techno-utopian future society. The first thing they said to him was, “We understand you know COBOL…”

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          Good thing his cryopod wasn’t affected! Or maybe it was, and that’s why he required manual revival…