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    The new design is so awesome and 2.0 it doesn’t even render on the Wayback Machine.

    Sadly, the usual go-to in such cases, archive.is, makes a pretty jumble of it too.

    In the browser though, the new layout looks pretty neat. Compared with the previous design it gives you a quicker idea of how many different things the platform is capable of and looks less like a generic landing page.

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      I was impressed they have a layout that works with NoScript on. Then it fails hard in the Wayback Machine. Harder than most sites I see from CompSci people. Any web developers know why it does that?

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        Looks like this is just a specific bug in Wayback Machine’s implementation. Usually the crawler will download the assets and CSS and I believe the server will change all links to refer to the new locations. In this case, the site didn’t do that properly so the CSS isn’t loaded.

        For archive.is, is a bit more interesting. Looks like how their implementation works is that they move all the CSS into the HTML as inline styling and serve it as one static file. But when they translate it, it seems they translate it for old browsers like IE8. The new design doesn’t support old browsers at all so it looks jumbled when it sees CSS3 properties like flex-columns. Their previous design used a CSS framework which usually handles boring tasks like browser compatibility for you.

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          Thanks for the explanation. At least I know not to put the problem on the Racket site now.

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      Just yesterday I setup racket again and started going through the redex tutorial. All I can say is “wow!” This is perhaps the best introduction I’ve had to any software library. The documentation is absolutely fantastic, and everything is going perfectly smooth.

      Thanks to everyone involved in the racket community!

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        Very nice, and a huge improvement over the early-2000’s style of the previous design.

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          Does this re-design include a change to Dr. Racket? That was my least favorite part of my (very) short foray into racket.