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Antidote provides features that aid programmers to write correct applications, while having the same performance and horizontal scalability as AP/NoSQL, from a single machine to geo-replicated deployments, with the added guarantees of Causal Highly-Available Transactions, and provable absence of data corruption due to concurrency.


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    This comes from SyncFree, a European research project on things related to CRDTs. The team is, among others, full of ex-Bashos, so don’t be surprised to find some concepts and code from Riak there. And yes, it’s written in Erlang…

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      Anyone got a comparison of this against Spanner and/or CochroachDB? It sounds most similar to their market.

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        The consistency model is rather different. Check out the “just in time consistency” video on the website. It’s a good intro. Also AntidoteDB due to its ability to do eventually consistency where possible makes it a good DB when you have cluster members join and leave. For example, with IOT devices that phone home from time to time or mobile devices. Neither of those are good use cases for Spanner or Cockroach.

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        The “just right consistency” concept is VERY interesting! The usecase about the ticket selling event is very compelling.