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    The part I’m missing is what is the definition of “post-container era”? I would assume it is something that comes after containers, yet the project talks about “everything builds in a container”.

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      I’m assuming it means the “container era”; the era after (“post”) the introduction of containers.

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        It would save precious characters to just call it “the container era”, and be less confusing. Post-punk means what came after punk, it is not the same thing as punk.

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          Yeah, I agree it’s incorrect if it’s actually meant to be the “container era”. As it stands right now, it’s legitimate to ask, “when did the container era stop and what replaced containers?”. I was just offering my interpretation.

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            Agreed. It’s a bit confusing, is it not? I’ll see if I can send them a message about it.

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          I thought it meant that containers are already passe…