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    This omits an important detail on the repository side: the package directory names must be normalized. See PEP 503 for details. The pip2pi tool the article links to looks like it will mostly work (you really should parse the package metadata to figure out the package name as the filename is ambiguous, but oh well).

    The bit on configuring Pip is missing configuration of easy_install which you usually end up needing for packages in the wild.

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      There are two things related to this that I’d like to learn:

      1. Packaging workflow that publishes to such a repository. With some modules that require native libraries for both x86 and arm64, for clients that don’t want to build them.
      2. How to set up a pip proxy that publishes anything I install from a public pip repository to a cache like this.

      I feel like both of these things are very likely not that hard to establish, but they’ve not bubbled up to the top of the to-do list yet.