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    Wow you could balance this on your knees while you sit in the lotus position and become one with the computation.

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      I wish pictures of the device in use were included. I’m having a hard time picturing how you use this.

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        “Go on. You’ll cream your jeans. Thing’s ten years old and it’ll still wipe ass on most anything. Guy name of Automatic Jack built it straight up from scratch.”

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          I’ve been eyeing the PocketChip (https://getchip.com/pages/pocketchip) lately but the keyboard is a major turn off. I like the approach of a nice solid keyboard.

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            My PocketChip does a great job of sitting in my drawer for this exact reason - that and the segfaults, the endless segfaults…

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              I recently printed a keyboard for mine:


              .. makes the whole thing about 10x more usable/friendly on the fingers.

              Still though, I believe the Open Pandora/Pyra Dragonbox is going to be a much better contender for these sorts of use cases.

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                Nice job! I like the idea of having a fairly tiny Linux box to throw in my bag for emergencies / fun.

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                  The GPD Win apparently will run Linux and is a nice little thing. I prefer my GPD XD which runs Android for gaming, but the Win has a keyboard.

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            It’s a really interesting layout. I think I’d prefer the handle at the top and the keyboard off to one side, but it’s fun to see alternative designs for portable computers.

            I wonder how hard it would be to sacrifice screen size and build it on some kind of pull-out drawer behind the keyboard, like an in-car DVD player. That way you’d be able to transport it with less worry of damaging the screen as well.

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              Can you imagine taking that on the train? Really?

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                My neck hurts already from just looking at the pictures.

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                  I was going to say that you can just tilt the screen or laptop but the diagonals are at mostly different angles. Probably should be a UX guideline on avoiding that if one doesn’t exist already.

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                  That’s pretty cool as a project, I guess you don’t have to take it at face value!

                  I work during my commute on the train, 2.5 hours every day. Thank god for laptops, phone “mobile hotspots” and noise-canceling in-ear headphones.