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    Not sure I quite get how far (/whether) this is really decentralised. There’s a comment in the (currently fairly sparse) google group about it; it’s obvious why it’s been made but I’d be interested to get a take from someone more knowledgeable about whether it actually does what a blockchain is “supposed” to do.

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      Yes, it’s unclear from the website how this works.

      Certainly, any conventional blockchain application suffer from the same problem as bitcoin’s blockchain. A continuously growing, stored-everywhere, blockchain is fated to become unmanageable so just reading and writing a blockchain faster is no ultimate solution.

      On the other hand, if you do have vast scale, you could create a truly distributed database, meaning the information is spread securely around while maintaining the cryptographically secure, immutable quality. But setting up such a thing would be an incredibly challenge task. You’d need some sort of complexly interwoven graphic/tree structure - a group of blockchains that depend on each and verify each other’s integrity dynamically - you might be able integrate ideas from Freenet and/or Tor. Local blockchain-like-nodes would need to absorb each others' data as well in circumstances where the scale contracts. It’s a fascinating problem but not one I’d expect someone to just solve out of the blue. Testing this kind of thing would be a problem just by itself.