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I finally published Shrimper on Google Play - material design Android client for Lobste.rs. Feel free to give it a try and spread the word!

And thanks to everyone who took part to the beta! @lethargicpanda

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      Broke my old phone a week or so ago and ended up buying a new one with Android 5.0, so I can finally test this app :)

      Looks really beautiful, like @kristof mentioned though, it would be nice to see the number of upvotes. Also, instead of the first two letters of the submission, could the avatar of the submitter appear next to the title?

      The number of upvotes could just appear next to the story name in a lighter color, like “Some story +14”

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        I am currently using the rss API. If the lobste.rs team hears me, it would be cool to add the upvotes in the RSS feed, one way or another.

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          There’s not much that can be added to the RSS feed, but that’s why there’s JSON versions.



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            Just butting in, but is there JSON endpoints for tags and individual comments now? I am aware (and using) of the hottest/recent/article/user ones, but when I was making a little hack, these didn’t exist.

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              There is not, but how would it be used in an app like this? The story link should contain all of the comments needed for the story, but I guess if there’s a need for one it could be added pretty easily.

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                I was planning to use it (comment individuals and tag lists) for a gateway that translated it into a different protocol. It could be useful. (Tag listings would be useful in general though.)

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                  Ok, I added individual comments, the tag list, and upvotes/downvotes properties for stories and comments.



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                    I meant more tag listings (like /t/linux.json) This is awesome though!

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      …it was pretty disappointing when the comments view just turned out to be a WebView. Also, not really digging the rainbow circles for selection. (I can’t verify if it’s a WebView or not, as I don’t have an Android device. Definitely looks like the site though)

      Also, it would be nice if more stuff was exposed via JSON. Off the top of my head, tags are not.

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        It is a webview :) there no way (at least not that I know of) to do it natively.

        Yes, I would love a Json API too. Regarding the “rainbow circle”, it gives the Material Design look and feel, but I might change it in the future.

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          There is a JSON API, but only so many endpoints are exposed. Comment lists for example, but not individual comments.

          The rainbow circle doesn’t feel right for content that doesn’t have images, like avatars for emails in Gmail.

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      Lovely application :) Material Design is quite pretty in general and this uses colors quite well. My only nitpick is that upvotes are not shown! That is, unless you already clicked on the article.

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        Thanks! I would love to have access to a JSON api :)