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    I feel much the same about ‘coder’ and by extension ‘coding’. For whatever reason these words irritate me to the point I can’t take them seriously. It also feels like these terms are co-opting coding from the medical field too.

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      Thank you for posting this.

      This problem is fractal: it recurs on multiple levels. I see it happening on the tool level; where we try to encode every best practice into a tool rather than educate developers. The end result is a confusing mishmash of half-assed ‘opinionated’ open source libs pushed by megacorps that somehow stand in for architecture. “But what is architecture for if we have Redux?” they ask. I take issue with the premise that software is merely duct taping libs together until you get the result you want.

      Two levels up: developers really need to learn to stand up to the business context they operate in. Until then I’d argue the techie label is a somewhat deserved.

      I still feel like these points are almost entirely lost on younger devs because they’re so elated to be in one of the few industries that the adults haven’t fully commoditized yet. I don’t know how to really reach them without sounding like a crackpot. Any ideas?