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Absolute madmen.


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    Some of that looks like the output of an insane wizard. “HyperWhatever”.
    I am amazed.

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      Some of these features are very nice. I’ve only just started playing with Perl 6, but at times it feels like having a bunch of good bits from Common Lisp crossed with good bits from Perl 5 (and indirectly, the awk/etc. heritage). Plus some new things thrown in for good measure, like the new regex/grammar system. CL and Perl have opposite syntax philosophies, of course (both with their set of detractors), but I can sort of dig either one, depending on the project and my mood.

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        Best pairing of text and image on a slide ever: http://tpm2016.zoffix.com/#/17

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            I did mean that slide, yes. I think the author must have added a slide – it was slide 17 when I posted that comment, honest!