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    Pretty weird/uncomfortable that Github is even talking/thinking about taking projects away from their owners, whether they are “responsive” or not.
    Why wouldn’t some concerned 3rd party just fork it if they felt like taking over maintainership?

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      Agreed on both counts. Just fork it. If you can’t maintain enough community or dev time to support your fork, you’re not doing open source, you’re doing free-riding; and frankly, suck it.

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        Yeah, GitHub’s behavior here feels like they’re implicitly rewarding free-riders by even giving time to their complaints.

        IOW, using OSS code is a risk. Sometimes it doesn’t pan out in your favor. That’s life. Build in margin to deal with it.

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          Just based on a cursory reading, it feels to me like GH are thinking of maintaining the project name + URLs but “take stewardship” in the meantime. The authors copyright should not be infringed. But who knows.

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      When some OSS author goes to prison or gets COVID or is just sick of how people word their bug reports and pulls a _why it’s time to stop reaping and start sewing.

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          Presumably sewing face masks ;)