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    Flagging as OT. There’s no technical content in there, nor interesting details about why blockchain is an innovative approach for this use case. At best, it’s tech buzz, at worse useless marketing in my Lobsters.

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      It’s year 2044, WhopperCoin™ are the dominant currency in our new socialist society we buy burgers and then get even more WhopperCoin™.

      We are unfortunately ruled by the “Burger King”.

      He who controls the burgers controls the universe.

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        Strange, I was pretty sure Taco Bell won the restaurant wars…

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        In our district, large Burger King restaurant is combined with sports gambling place (or maybe traditional casino disguised to bookmaker), in single building. Not sure, however, that they are from single company, but coexist harmonically and both attract lots of shady people.

        Also, in Russia they use thieves’ folklore in marketing, and very aggressively.