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As I was posting my update (which included novel revisions) on the work this week thread, it occurred to me that there might be other fiction writers hanging out here.

So, are there any others? If so, what type of fiction do you write? Is any of your work published or public? Where do you hang out to talk about fiction/writing?

Looking forward to finding out. :-)

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    I used to write short fiction, here’s a wayback machine link: https://web.archive.org/web/20100528235657/http://www.tangolimadeltaromeo.com/

    I’ve published in zines but never really workshopped anything with others.

    A++ is probably my favourite, looking back.

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      That’s a pretty surreal story. :-)

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      To answer my own questions:

      • I’ve written one YA fantasy novel, one YA fantasy/horror novel, and am experimenting with a fantasy/steampunk novel at the moment. Plus I have a couple of short stories here and there.
      • Nothing published, but I’ve had some nibbles from agents and editors in the past. Considering going the self-pub route for my more polished work.
      • I lurk on some of the writing subreddits, but don’t really participate in any writing communities. Hoping to change that in the coming year.
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        I used to write fiction as a teen. I have hopes of starting up again, but I need to get my discipline back. http://asimulation.blogspot.com/

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          Nice. I just read Access Code, and found it an enjoyable read.

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            Thank you!

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          Former writer here.

          I used to write short fiction, over ten years ago. Joined a writing group, and over a few years wrote many short stories, some of which I enjoy. Got rejected by a large number of quality publishers. Had one story published in the Connecticut Review. I felt like I was getting decent at writing a particular kind of short story.

          Made the jump to writing a novel, but despite extended effort, I could never get that work to reflect the emotional arc or quality I envisioned. Would have taken years to get good at it, and I put it aside to focus more clearly on my software career. At the time, I thought it would be a couple of years before I returned, but since then I’ve had three kids and it’s looking more like a couple of decades.

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            And it’s never too late …

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            Eh, I like the idea of writing fiction, but I never feel confident enough in my writing abilities to make a sincere effort to write anything. At least, that has been the case for most of the last 20 years. I finally made a serious effort at a short story, that is a bit of Doctor Who fan-fiction. I got about 8000 words written, and am almost done. I’ll put it up on some of the fan-fiction sites when it’s finally finished.

            The good thing is, that experience has rekindled my interest in writing, and I just bought a bunch of books on writing, and am thinking more and more about putting some effort into some fiction. So I guess right now I’m more of a “wannabe fiction writer”, but maybe something will come of it.

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              I used to write some short stories (mostly sci-fi), though I haven’t for a while yet. A few in university magazines but no “proper” publishing. The only one I’m really proud of is https://www.clich%C3%A9.net/fiction/sample%20%2327.html

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                I was a creative writing major back in college and used to write quite a bit. As I went through my 20’s and into my 30’s career, kids, etc let little time to write. Would love to get back into it one of these days though!