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      Why compare with 3G? I can only assume that is due to availability in developing nations. When I search for ‘1996 worldwide internet coverage’ the very first link for me claims that at that time only 20 million Americans had internet access. So it seems that if we’re intent on using 3G as a comparison, then to be fair we should compare that with the probable equivalent in 1996 – no internet access at all.

      Look, I hate modern web bloat too, but this is cherry picking.

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        100% agree. I don’t disagree with the general sentiment of the article, but the example is extremely contrived.

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        Not only that, but this movie is presumably mostly targeted at people with money, not people without.

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      A splash’s screen with a loading indicator is very 90s so in some ways I appreciate the new site.

      Here’s a thought: the person/people that made the new site are probably younger than the old site.

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        The mind boggles