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    Serious question, who would use this?

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      Someone who likes Perl? Someone who has Perl code which he wants to run in a browser for <reasons/>? Someone who likes the idea of running any language in those tags and takes this idea a bit further to run her <script type="text/cobol"> code?

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        <script type="text/cobol">

        Well, I can’t see any appeal for this particular option. However I do see now that this is just one of many languages that could be implemented now. For some reason Lua comes to mind.

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          Cobol is the new hot technology for the upcoming 50’s, only thirty years (plus an off-by-one century) away now. Be prepared.

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        As a heavy Perl user, the prospect of having a web app with Perl backend talking to a Perl frontend sounds fantastic.

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          That does sound intriguing. I’m speaking from very little direct experience writing Perl and some decent experience maintaining a few Perl scripts. There’s a joke around the office that Perl is “write once read never”.

          To be clear: I think Perl is great for what it is, but I don’t think it’s cut out for front-end development. However, thinking about this more clearly in the morning, I can see the appeal a bit better.

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            Well… in terms of Perl web development the very best thing is https://mojolicious.org

            When you look at the two examples on the front page: first, you can run a local web server with just 3 lines of code; second, you can spin up a websocket server from a single file with a short snippet. That file includes some javascript. I wonder how it would look with just WebPerl. That’s the appeal for me.

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