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    This is an excellent resource for an intermediate Haskell programmer trying to make the jump to “advanced”. I also think that the links are quite valuable.

    All of that said, I don’t think that it’s the best introduction. Learn You a Haskell is controversial among some, but I think it’s fine. Real World Haskell is a good book overall but very dated (it was written in 2008). Chris Allen also has an opinionated but generally very solid guide here and that may be where I’d start, because there’s a lot of important stuff that’s online but not in any of the major books to my knowledge (e.g. Typeclassopedia).

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      I agree, this isn’t a great introduction, but I don’t believe that was the author’s intent anyways.

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        It isn’t.

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        Chris Allen also has an explanation of why he does and doesn’t recommend certain introductions here

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          I wish BoS would update RWH. He still hangs out with the Mercurial folks once in a while, but it is my understanding that he’s ascended to some sort of management position at Facebook that places him far away from actual programming.

          Then again, he did just do some code review last week. Maybe we can convince him to update the book.

          Or perhaps we could update it ourselves, but I can’t find the Docbook source code for it. He did publish the source for his Mercurial book, and RWH is licensed as CC-BY-NC, so maybe we can persuade to publish the source.

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            He may not be writing code in his daily work (I wouldn’t know), but he is the maintainer of many prominent packages on Hackage. So I’d say he still writes more code in an average day than most of us.

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              Is he actually maintaining or just listed as the maintainer? How can we find out?

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                You could go to all of the projects' repo pages (github or whatnot) and look at their commit histories. That seems like a lot of effort to find out how much somebody still codes, though.

                Really, might be easier to just email and ask him.