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This is about APIs for Firefox extensions (add-ons) and Chrome parity.

Specifically, Chrome intends to introduce a new extension manifest format (version 3) that will stop supporting the “blocking webrequest” API, which is essential functionality for adblockers and the like.

This blog post expresses the their intent to keep support for this API.


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    It’s frustrating that all of the comments on this page are about how the wording includes “no immediate” plans to change it. Mozilla is doing the right thing here and they deserve praise.

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      Maybe people are still upset about the extension changes in general, and therefore catastrophizing every nit they can pick. That’s not an uncommon psychological response; people get weird over things they care about.

      In the case of privacy, Mozilla would likely handle the transition well, so in this case there’s no need to panic. Panic about Google being the default search engine instead ;)

      I almost became a true hater myself when Tab Mix Plus died and the CSS-based hacks seemed to break on every update, and never worked that well to start with.

      It took a long time for me to evolve. Now I’ve adapted my workflow to make heavier use of Simple Tab Groups and ruthless culling of unnecessary tabs. It might even be the objectively better flow.

      There’s adaptation, migration or extinction when environments change. Adaptation sure beats migrating to Chrome or the excinction of browser usage.

      We must trust Mozilla to have learned from all the hate they got.

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        Yeah. I mean, I probably wouldn’t promise to keep the blocking webrequest API forever, either. Forever is a long time, and they’ve ditched APIs before (while ensuring that ad blockers remain).

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        Definitely that they used the word immediately is very worrying, they can’t have done it lightly the best hope is that they will give alternative to ublock origin, but if so they would probably say it.

        What is the best alternative to firefox+ublock origin on linux and firefix focus on iphone, I need an escape plan when (and not if) disaster will happen

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          Well played, Mozilla.