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Here’s the gopher version of this article: gopher://raymii.org

Since Lobstre.rs complains that that is not a valid URL, otherwise it would be the URL for this submission.


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    It’s getting to the point where lobsters needs a gopher tag, and this is a good thing.

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      Yes I couldn’t find one so #web it was. @alynpost what is the procedure to get a new tag?

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        From the history of posts in the meta tag, it looks like you submit a meta-tagged tag suggestion text story to Lobsters to gauge interest. If the mods think there is enough interest after seeing the responses and upvotes on that thread, they manually edit the list of tags to include it.

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          That is correct. It’s optional, but if you want to also prepare a list of existing stories that you think would benefit from the tag, that’s a great way to make the case.

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      I have been pondering writing a gopher output format for hugo, but I haven’t had the spell slots yet. It ought to work basically the same as the RSS output.

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        My sorting code is exactly the same as the rss code indeed.

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        So it looks like this https://i.imgur.com/RCQgpax.png in my gopher client. Which is not ideal.

        It seems like basic markdown support - with images - in gopher clients would be a really nice and useful thing. (Although I am not keen on mixing http in, the images could be changed to be local or gopher:// links)

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          Yes it should look like that. Every article on my site has a text only version, which is raw markdown with header and license ( https://raymii.org/s/blog/Site_Improvements_for_accessibility.html ) - which I reuse for the gopher part of the static site generator.

          I do plan to add images back in but that requires more logic in the generator. It is not aware of what is in the article, it just does markdown conversion. I have to add logic to parse for images and then link then in the gopher part.

          Edit I now see you’ve written your own client. Cool! Lynx (my client) and the Android app do word wrapping automatically. That shouldn’t be to hard to add for me.

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          I am sure there is an xkcd about this

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              I was aware, trying to make a wry comment.