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I’ve been accidentally producing a few duplicate comments. I think this may have to do with my current slow internet connection, but figured I should bring it up rather than ignore it.

I’ve seen a few duplicated comments from others, too.

I think editing may have something to do with it as well.

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    There’s a Github issue open about this – https://github.com/jcs/lobsters/issues/8

    Let’s keep bug reports off of this site, I don’t want the front page being filled with meta discussion.

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      Maybe the meta tag could be hidden by default?

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        I don’t mind the occasional discussion about the site, I just don’t want the whole front page being about the site rather than news. For bug reports and feature requests, using Github would be better because the whole process can be tracked with pull requests and commits.

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        D'oh! Good call, thanks. Starred.

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        I literally released a gem an hour ago that might help with this. https://github.com/ennova/conflict_detector

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          This was a problem that only seemed to manifest itself on Webkit browsers and should be fixed now – https://github.com/jcs/lobsters/commit/17ce13d49e

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            One option would be to make submit buttons disappear after being pressed.

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              If I edit comment, it appears as duplicate(to me) is that normal?