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    I haven’t looked at Rust in a while but it looks like it’s developing nicely. A while ago I was worried about it being too complex, but it looks like a lot of work has gone into simplifying it. I’m very excited for 1.0, when I assume it’ll start getting real adoption.

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      A month or two ago, I had to step away from Rust for a while and so much has changed! Glad to see that things have been simplified. Looking forward to digging back in.

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        @steveklabnik it looks like higher kinded types won’t make it in? Do you know if that was a conscious decision to keep the type system simple, or it just isn’t a high priority (ie may be included later)?

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          However, the Rust team is trying to get 1.0 out the door, and higher-kinded types would be backwards compatible, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing them for a while. There’s also questions about the overhead and syntax that would need to be resolved for them to make it in.


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            Yes, thank you. Sorry I wasn’t on top of this thread as I was the reddit and HN ones :(

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            I didn’t get a notification about this comment :( @wting is correct. Over on Reddit, (though I can’t find the thread :() there were three or four people that said they have proposals 75% done, but everything really is focused on getting 1.0 shipped, so they’re holding off until then.