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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Saturday: juicing, pasteurizing and bottling a heap of apples.

      Sunday: cleaning the central heating furnace (I implement a more frequent maintenance plan this winter to increase 𝜂, because wood pellets prices are +262,00 % ).

      Sunday afternoon: sleeping.

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      Playing around with implementing some cellular automata toys, probably in Lua (which I’ve played with) and LÖVE (which is new to me)

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        Langton’s Ant was a lot of fun! https://git.mat.services/mat/love-cellular-automata

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      Try out AI art generators, probably via colab (don’t have a GPU and CPU workarounds are limited to certain chips).

      Currently reading an ARC (combination of cozy and lovecraftian fantasy) and then probably continue a series I had started last week (Rogue Dungeon).

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      • If the weather holds off, continue rebuilding my front porch.
      • In the evenings, once my daughter is in bed, continue work on a power supply PCB design for my Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes physical edition.
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      Tomorrow I’m dropping by HackIT since it’s close to home and going to a bunch of talks and talking to people I guess, I don’t know what these things are like and I don’t have a plan. I’ll probably drop by Drew DeVault’s talk to see how he is IRL lol. I’ll decide what to do on sunday depending on how tomorrow goes. Any other crustaceans planning on going or are already there?

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      I might spend a bit of time to trying to get this project using xmake, because CMake really doesn’t like you introducing new kinds of build product. Unfortunately, after several days of work so far, I’ve been hit by too many places where things don’t quite work or aren’t documented, so I’m tempted to give up.

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      I’ve been trying to make a nixpkg for bytehound but I’ve been having some circular dependency problems so I’m gunna try and fix them!

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      Fighting with my brain, probably.

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        Why not play with your brain instead? 🙂

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      I’m meeting an old friend! When we worked in the same team, we’d take hour long lunches every day just to hang out. He’s super grounded and a wonderful person. So I’m glad I reached out to set up a coffee, despite having had no contact a year or more. Reach out to old friends, don’t let meaningful friendships die!

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      After a long time away from projects, I’m gonna start them up again. So cleaning up some easy issues and tweaking some of the CI to be up to date with new ideas.

      I’ve closed the door behind me at $OLD_WORK and am moving full speed into $NEW_WORK, but this weekend is for me.

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      The Irish Film Institute is having an open day with free screenings all day with tickets being given out an hour before each screening. I’m going to try my hand at getting a ticket for their showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm this evening.

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        IFI is such a great venue - I miss it!

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      • Living through a change of monarch in the UK for the first time this millennium
      • Taking part in Bart’s Bash at the sailing club (Now cancelled.)
      • Continuing with new home office fit out / decoration. Got another door to hang and need to start on painting now the plaster is dry.
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      Still have a couple of weeks until we can start moving into the new apartment, so in a bit of a holding pattern. We’re going to test out some Casper and Casper-esque mattresses, but otherwise probably just some more idle internet window-shopping for furniture and other essentials.

      Aside from potentially picking out the new TV, probably nothing remotely tech-related for the I don’t know how many-th week in a row. Surprisingly I’ve really been enjoying not touching a computer the whole weekend, even if there are a few things I’d like to do some work on.

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      Finishing (or making more progress) on MOC alt build of 10497.

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      Binge watching movies/tv shows waiting to start a new job Monday hopefully. I would like to read more of Learning SQL (published by O’riley) as well.

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      I’m working on a data analysis tool for twitch chats that utilizes parquet and Rust polars, two technologies I’m excited to work with.

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      Lots more game development learning using Godot. I’ve been following a tutorial on YouTube and I’m almost done with what’s available so far. I’d like to do the RPG tutorial later but I think I’ll focus on making just Pong.

      I’m also cleaning up on my self-hosted livestreaming with a daemon that’ll handle almost everything (because why not make your own version of StreamElements).

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      Saturday is mid-autumn festival, and we’re having family around to for lunch and moon cakes.

      I’m on call this week, but thankfully managed to scrounge cover for 4 hours on Sunday afternoon so I can go sailing.

      I also plan to tidy the garage shelves, hopefully finding room for the stuff piled in the middle of the floor.

      If the weather is nice (ok, dry) I’ll test my new bargain-price lawn mower.

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      Playing with webauthn now that I found this JS that should handle the evils of javascript in browser for me.

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      hiding from the wildfire smoke and watching the kiddo. maybe will get a chance to work on a tiny rust project I’ve been playing with :D

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      small game night with some good friends, coffee, and generally celebrating making progress, despite an insane last quarter

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      I made a website to host my portfolio and since then I’ve been blogging there about the process of making the site. This weekend I am working on “copy to clipboard” buttons for my code blocks and “fullscreen this div” for both code blocks and diagrams. After that is done, I will post a write up of it. This is way more frontend stuff than I’ve done since the 90’s and I’m finding it surprisingly enjoyable- it seems like I absorbed a lot of JavaScript concepts through background radiation at some point.

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      I’ve finally pulled together everything for my blog, Muxup.com. See my post detailing some elements of the implementation (I know, creating a special snowflake static site generator and then writing about it is a bit of a meme at this point….). I imagine I’ll be doing more tweaks over the weekend. I’d really welcome any feedback or suggestions to tweak the design (I’m pretty pleased, but I’m no designer and it’s been a lot of trial and error).

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      i just moved my ethereum tesnet node running beku and lighthouse to mainnet, running geth and lighthouse so that see the merge happening in my own logs!

      also to prepare for ETHBERLIN and do decentralized blockchain as one must, using my own node :-)