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    This is an excellent read, however I think the BBS linked in passing during the article also deserves some recognition for being cool https://klud.ge/

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      I got a MailStation but the newer model with the rounded corners but I could not get it open without applying a lot of force. Feels like even after removing all the screws, it has some glue in the centre. Has anyone opened it successfully?

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        I love it.

        Also, the first thing I thought was “oh I bet you could do this with an ESP8266”. Lo and behold, what do they end up using?

        Also, as usual with these sorts of projects, the processor on the peripheral board is many times more powerful than the Z80 on the actual device.

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          I never got too into using ESPs, mostly because I like to see devices connecting to the network under their own locomotion. (That, and I was born too late to catch the BBS era, so they have no nostalgia for me.) I’m wondering if you could just use them as basically WiFi adapters for modern systems (slurp, like, Ethernet frames one end, out comes WiFi packets).