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    sigh STI rears it’s ugly head. That’s not to say I don’t like this solution… I do. It’s nice and simple. I’m just always a bit wary when it’s introduced.

    Anyway, there’s a bit of refactoring I would do. I would change:

    # in ApplicationController#current_user
    AnonymousUser.find_or_initialize_by_token(anonymous_user_token).tap do |user|
      user.save(validate: false) if user.new_record?

    to something like this:


    and push the find_or_initialize_by_token and save(validate: false) into the model.

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      Moving the user lookup/create into the model is definitely a nice refactor. You’re right about STI—it usually gets ugly when you use it without necessity. I mostly went with it for clarity of demonstration. I personally prefer using roles to denote user traits.

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        Of Rails' open bugs, about half are ActiveRecord, and STI (from my rough estimate) are about a third of those.

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      I love this concept! I agree that making people sign up to get basic content is a huge barrier, and this solution of using an AnonymousUser (I’m guessing single-table inheritance here?) is so elegant in that it keeps all of database relationships intact if the user decides to sign up.