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While I’m not sure if this is exactly the right tag to create, (maybe a general text processing tag, or internationalization?) articles about Unicode and UTF-8 are very popular. I recently submitted a post about Unicode and it was hard to find a fitting tag for it. A search for stories about Unicode gives me ~291 results.


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    Can we make it a bit broader, like typography or something encompassing all of that?

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      “(character) encodings”? I think of typography as something entirely different.

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        Yeah, I think typography is more about displaying fonts and typesetting stuff, encodings are different.

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        For typography, what’d be in scope? Fonts, character encodings, typesetting? (like TeX)

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        I think this is a great idea. Heck, it would encourage me to post about more weird corners of unicode, like Issac Newton’s personal alchemy symbols which made it in somehow.

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          Definitely looking forward to reading an article on that, tag or not. :)

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          text maybe?

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            What was the submission you are thinking of? Also, what are some other Unicode articles you think would’ve benefitted?

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              Boldly going meta meta for a bit: I wonder if free form tags would be a nicer feature for us to have than having to stick with individual tag requests. For lobste.rs I do have faith that the userbase will be able to handle such a feature with care, and combined with the ‘suggest’ feature I believe this could work, strength-in-numbers wise and perhaps only being available to people who have submitted x stories or, gasp, have a certain level of karma.

              I’ll admit straight up I’m being playfully cheeky here: fostering hope that we could get a console tag for console/terminal applications, I made a suggest/request post for this a good while ago, but it didn’t happen and faded from view. But I still want it, so I hope I can get away with suggesting someone set up us the tags!

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                I personally feel that the discussion on these tag request threads is, itself, valuable. In the short term, it lets us talk through what the people here actually want, and I think a conversation is always preferable to a faceless vote (except in dysfunctional situations, like actual politics :)). In the long term, it’s also useful to have the old threads to answer questions about how things got to be this way and whether the rationale still applies.

                I also dislike the idea of gating anything at all on karma, but from your feigned shock, I’m pretty sure you already knew that, and why. :) It’s still a fair suggestion, but I would personally prefer that any free-form tag feature not be gated on game mechanics.

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                  Free-form tagging is a bad idea.

                  Tags represent a taxonomy for classifying submissions, and having to go through the relative rigor of “can we have x tag?” threads helps make sure that a) we adopt tags that everyone understands and b) educate people as to how a tag has come to exist.