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I’m curious if others feel challenged with the current work they are doing for either work or on their own time.

If you aren’t challenged - is it important that you are challenged while working through something, or do you prefer to be unchallenged (I’m assuming this would be something you have done previous - think CRUD apps I guess).

If you are challenged at work - has it helped you grow/learn as a developer/engineer?

How important is it to be challenged to grow as a developer/engineer?


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    I feel challenged but perhaps not in the way you might have meant. The work I do (OS-level security) tends to not reveal a lot of new or “technical growth” ideas to me. I’ve been doing OS development work for >10 years now.

    That said - I’ve realized that there’s great value in my growth into a senior engineering position. Here’s a smattering of what I personally view as active growth areas for me right now:

    • Learning to influence people at a higher/broader level. This has always come somewhat natural to me as I have little fear of asking dumb questions or questioning authority. It turns out over time this can be honed into ways to influence people by politely questioning assumptions and shifting them toward your own thinking.
    • Learning to present my ideas - especially externally. I don’t have a fear of presenting, but I never viewed it as a growth opportunity until I really sat down and tried to create a presentation that told a cohesive story and kept my audience engaged.
    • Refining my craft. I consider myself a pretty proficient programmer. That said, I’ve taken a lot of time lately trying to really clean up my code and make it very clear. I’m typically a “fast” programmer - I build solutions quickly. However, my solutions are not always the cleanest or most thought out solutions. Writing clearer and better thought out code is my focus there.
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      I think this question is a little ambiguous. In the same way programs have extrinsic complexity (solving a hard problem) and intrinsic complexity (the program itself is overcomplicated, legacy, etc), challenge can be negative or negative. I think you’re asking about the former but I’ve only experienced the latter. Most business problems are straightforward, and most managers are bad.

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        I see what you meant by that - I was more or less trying to see if people see actively feel like they are learning while working on something.

        By basically working on the same problem with only a slight variance I would feel like I am not being challenged.

        I just want to learn more and feel like I could be doing a lot more - team communication and management make this a challenge due to the current initiatives.