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There have been a LOT of posts about testing and debugging - practices, reversing, and programming can do some aspects, but are vague about it.


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    It is so.

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      I’d like to see something like “testing - debugging, correctness, reliability”, because I’d like it to cover debugging stories (which are not quite reversing) and tools like types/contracts/dependent types that approach formalizing invariants. I have been meaning to make exactly this meta post for a few weeks but haven’t had the time to make a list of stories the tag would apply to as @jcs asked for somewhere.

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        Type systems and their use as limiters seems a bit out of scope of the desired tag to me - and types seem covered by compsci, as I haven’t seen a lot that needs breaking done.

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          I see them as different approaches to solving the problem of basic correctness and ensuring reliability. Tests are run-time, types are compile-time. Tests let you say “there exists”, types let you say “for all”. They’re borth about providing guarantees before prod.