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While dealing with external api integration, in general ,one has an api to get access token and then using the access token to make subsequent requests. Or any subsequent request that may or may not depend on each other.

This library is a proof of concept where each such series of steps can be represented in a json file, and then invoked from code, so that, one doesn’t have to write similar code for making external http requests.

Sample use cases are provided in tests/ directory.

Any feedback is welcome.


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    I’ve not looked into the code much yet, but is it worth noting that there’s already a Ruby library called httparty, which is fairly widely known?


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      yes I agree, but its not same. httparty of ruby does lot more. it different, it makes making http request easier like, requests for python and node. mine is a rule engine of sort. But yes I am guilty of not having an original name