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    Added the -> and ->> operators for easier processing of JSON. The new operators are compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    New syntax support for JSON and no need to compile as an extension. Great stuff.

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      That’s really cool. Json is now first-class in sqlite, which means it’s really the perfect format for storing several json values (as opposed to newline separate json or whatever). You can build indices on json fields, query through json, traverse them using virtual tables… Amazing.

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      We use SQLite’s existing JSON features, as well as the Postgres versions of -> and ->> so this is a very welcome addition.

      But I’m even more excited about the improved error messages interface. SQLite error messages are quite terse, often just saying “error near )”. In a big recursive query… that ) is not very helpful. VERY happy we can get the byte offset of the error now!

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        Appreciate seeing Unix epoch time slightly better supported in this release. The new “auto” keyword for guessing whether a number is a Julian date or a Unix epoch time seems dangerous. Also strange to see time in integer seconds but I guess adding a new fractional second or nanosecond integer based time would be a bigger change.