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    On-topic: I’m only on the second page of this paper and I’m already loving it. I was about to go to bed, but I’m definitely not going to bed until I’ve read this paper now!

    Minor suggestion: It would probably be better to link to the arxiv page for the paper rather than the PDF itself. By linking to the arxiv page people can read the abstract, see related papers, see information about the authors, see bibtex, and a whole lot of other things without downloading the PDF. It’s also very easy to go from the arxiv page to the PDF and I don’t know of any decent way to go from the PDF to the arxiv page.

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      All this, plus people on mobile connections can see some information without downloading a PDF.

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        There’s an identifier on the left side of the page that you can search e.g. 1903.00982 in this case.

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          Heh, what’s your stance on bedtime now, having made it to page 11? I would want a good night’s sleep before tackling that one.

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            I didn’t go to sleep :O

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          • Rust the game has Oxide, the alternative server implementation.
          • Rust the language has Oxide, the alternative language implementation.

          Is it coincidence?

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            Nope, not a coincidence. What we refer to as rust on metal is iron oxide.