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    Haha, great paper :)

    The compiler for Dynamic ML is a sed-script that desugars the Dynamic ML constructs into Standard ML.

    To illustrate the ease of use and performance of Dynamic ML, we would have liked to finish with a more real-world program than the Fibonacci function. Unfortunately, our current map/reduce program fails with a TYPE_CAST_ERROR exception and we have not been able to debug the cause. We are now looking at building a debugger.

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      Lmao. That’s what happens when I try to dig one up on the spot on my break. I just had time to read the abstract. Shell scripts gor compiler. Undebuggable. Damn…

      EDIT: Im still OK posting it since people might enjoy it or get good ideas on dynamic side. Then implement more robustly.

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      In Ben Blum and Robert J. Simmons, editors, Proceedings of the 2012 ACH SIGBOVIK Special Interest Group on Harry Quiver Bovik (SIGBOVIK 2012). ACH Press, April 1 2012, 85–93. Received the Most Frighteningly Like Real Research award

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        I liked that