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    I’ve spent the last four weeks banging my head against terraform and AWS and agree that this could be simpler, but also hop and skip to work with a smile every day because it doesn’t involve yaml anywhere.

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      Last week I spent two days chasing why the terraform setup I was using crashed each time saying it was missing a file in the bucket the same off-the-shelf module was creating. Finally gave up and asked the authors what I was doing wrong.

      Answer: not wrong, this is intended behaviour. I should run terraform until the crash, then manually go add the file it says is missing, then run terraform again.

      Working around that, terraform provisioned an AWS Airflow cluster in a “failed” state. AWS error message says, paraphrasing, it “may be an IAM issue, or maybe something with networking, who knows!”

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        this sounds like an absolutely delightful experience. thoughts and prayers.

        tbh experiences like this is what cemented my belief that aws should be easy. in fact, it must be easy.

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        the people have spoken, yaml all the things. i must agree with you though. a proper typed lang with editor completion is so much better.

        use the go api and define your infraset as a struct instead of yaml and the cli!

        hop and skip driven development.

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          a proper typed lang with editor completion is so much better.

          I wish Dhall was used more for this sort of thing, esp since it supports JSON & YAML outputs.

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            it’s not a bad idea. cuelang also looks promising. sadly none of these have really taken off yet.

            making things easier probably shouldn’t start by making them harder.

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            a proper typed lang with editor completion is so much better.

            Pulumi provides this, in Python, Typescript, and Go (off the top of my head - Typescript for sure)

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              true! this a good idea. yet all the iac providers are just-another-cloudformation-tm. the value add from cf to any other the others is low, and any choice among them is fine. cdk has a pulumi inspired interface now as well.

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            i also think that data schema needs to be so simple that you can actually remember it. simpler types, repeated patterns, etc. show me your yaml-schema/go-structs and i won’t have to wade through your code.

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            readme simplified.

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              i can’t update it here, but the title is now:

              aws should be easy.