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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too! Holiday edition, so definitely okay to do everything or nothing for once.

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    Despite doing everything I can to avoid it for the last half year, I got laid off.

    Feels bad, but it’s time to relax now.

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      Said with some irony but no ill will whatsoever: Congratulations! Go easy on yourself and enjoy some time off if you can.

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        Thanks, I can find some consolation in the fact that I did my very best. This role probably just wasn’t for me. Still, my ego is a bit dented.

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      Merry Friggin Christmas. That’s what I’m doing. Hot chocolate, suspiciously strong eggnog, and peppermint tea next to my fireplace all day long.

      I have a book of essays I’m going to reading through while I play with family. Maybe play some board games too.

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        Sounds lovely. ☕️

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          That’s what I’m talking about! Merry Christmas. What is the book of essay (and by whom)?

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            The book is titled The Best American Essays 2022. Nearly all of the stuff I read is non-fiction technical manuals so I picked this up to get a taste of something that isn’t tech or sci-fi. Not bad so far.

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          Will be finishing couple of things in Marmot https://github.com/maxpert/marmot before heading out for holidays.

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            I removed the payment form from https://catstories.ai so now it’s entirely free, and then I put together https://terragen.sh as a proof of concept for another idea that I might build out, and now I’m focused on trying to get my GitHub CODEOWNERS alternative to a launchable state.

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              Not much, which includes past few days as well. I have solid plans to start next year and right now don’t feel like starting something substantial. So, just superficial editing of already written blog posts, reading fantasy books as usual, whiling away time on social media, etc.

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                Continuing to work practice problems at scale so I can get faster at being able to quickly knock out solutions to them.

                Job hunting at the moment, and the market REALLY is pretty fixated on this in the form of ‘leetcode’ questions.

                Also, looking at perhaps switching from VSCode to NeoVim as my default development environment. It now has interactive debugging support via its DAP plugin, and the syntax highlighting and code completion via language server protocol is quite good.

                I like VSCode quite a bit, but when I try to debug my Python programs on my laptop, with the large font sizes I use and the 15” screen, the layout is basically unusable as the text can’t fit in the small slots it’s given :)

                So a 100% terminal based approach with NeoVim might be a solution there. We’ll see :)

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                  Are you aware of “zen mode” in vs code? It really changes the experience imo.

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                    I gave up struggling and dove into Neovim. Thus far it’s been totally delightful.

                    And using the Pyright language server you get the same superlative completions as you get by default in VSCode.

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                  Getting packed for the holiday. We leave on Boxing Day, but Tronna is currently being pounded with a crazy storm and Pearson is a very bad airport, so I’m not confident. Until then, there’s a bunch of packing, setting the house to rights, &c. I have also decided that this is the time to start trying to configure AWS in a more sane fashion, so, more fool I, I guess.

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                    Apparently I’m updating my home server from FC28 to the latest this weekend. I’m already updating to fc32 without any major mishaps. I already upgraded my minecraft server from fc33 to the latest without a hitch, so that bodes well.

                    All in all I have to say kudos to the Fedora team. Upgrades used to be a process where something always broke, and now it seems that you can do a bunch of them in sequence and still trust the process to work.

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                      Update: Aside from abandoning a postgresql database in version 10 which I’m going to have to figure out how to upgrade manually, it was actually a painless, if long process. Went from FC28 to FC37 without a hitch. Hats off to the Fedora devs for making sure that the system upgrades work so well.