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      Been pretty productive with blink on iOS. It supports mosh, which means I can leave the shell, and when I open the app the next day it takes me right back to my session. Been eyeing foldable keyboards as well.

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        Termius seems to also support mosh. I need to give that a try. But I’ll also check out blink! Agree that a foldable (yet clicky) keyboard would be very nice.

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      long in the tooth 2016 MBP

      That’s not that long! I’m hoping to squeeze at least a decade out of my 2013 MBP.

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        Respect! I see myself getting there, too, assuming I can solve the screen issue. That said, not all gift horses come from the same stock - I believe your 2013 is pre the butterfly keyboard fiasco, and I’ve already had my share of microscopic whatsits blocking my space bar from doing its thing.

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          You’re absolutely right - I think 2013 was a peak in the MBP hardware. One of the reasons I’m holding on to it!

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        For sure! I still use my “old” Late 2013 MBP ~daily. I don’t have any reason to buy a newer model since this one works so well, and in fact I feel the hardware went downhill in newer models (“butterfly” keys, touchbar, less ability to replace failing components, etc.) … Unfortunate that @whatrocks is encountering this 45-degree black-screen issue. Sounds like ribbon cable damage or something, but I’m not familiar with that particular issue on the MBPs .. Hopefully can be repaired without too much hassle/cost!