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    I’m loving the “log stdout” part, everything else can basically be ignored.

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      That’s definitely an improvement over the syslog situation, at least for our deployments. The native Prometheus export is neat as well; saves having to build an adapter to run alongside for metrics.

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        I was partly joking. Not being able to log to stderr or stdout has caused so many problems because it’s basically impossible to debug haproxy without syslog being present (and HAProxy has the annoying tendence to stop logging if syslog hangs up such as happens when the network has a hiccup in an rsyslog sitaution)

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          That exporter is one of the oldest: https://github.com/prometheus/haproxy_exporter

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            Nope, this is a new, exporter-less endpoint, built into HAProxy itself: https://www.haproxy.com/blog/haproxy-exposes-a-prometheus-metrics-endpoint/