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    No conversation on this, but I really love to see projects such as this one.

    I wanted Google Glass to be something like this, if anybody remembers the hype around all that. I should see answers to math problems, I should be able to pull up info about places or people just by looking at them, etc.

    It’s cool WebAssembly can keep up, computationally, for something intensive. I guess that’s just an aside for me. Augmented Reality is a cool place of tech, though it can be burdened with an oversaturation of unproductive projects like Pokemon Go, or the like. Merging the physical world with algorithmic understanding of things just has to be the future, right? When I’m driving down the road and the car can overlay the person ahead of me with a bad driving history? When I’m grocery shopping at Kroger and my overlay shows me prices at Whole Foods?

    This stuff is cool. Sudoku isn’t incredibly cool, but it’s a cool start.