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    Welcome to Lobste.rs! We discourage linking to news stories because we don’t aspire to be a link aggregator for news. It’s often lacking in depth and is more like candy than a meal. Lots of other places do news stories and we don’t want to replicate that here.

    If there’s a good technical or software development angle to this story, then feel free to submit that. As it stands, this is off-topic and is the kind of thing that gets shared in the chat channel.

    But please, don’t let this be a discouragement if you think you have other things to contribute.

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      Thank you for the advice. I’ll be more carefully

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      I’m really shocked by how an exchange that manage that amount of money can be so dumb to leave access keys to a single person even if he is the CEO. Maybe, now that we are moving forward to a digital era, this kind of things should be regulated by law.

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        I suspect the CEO never trusted any employee to hold the keys - after all, having the keys means you can walk off with $190m. Anyone can be tempted…