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    Author here. This is very much a ‘release early’ type thing. I’ve mostly been testing with it, and not yet seriously using it.

    Besides the cases mentioned in the readme, I also want to use this to automate on-demand Nix builders, because Nix only understands SSH for remote builders. Locally I run Mac, and I sometimes need to do a Nix build for Linux. Similarly at work, we have a build server that I want to do ARM builds on, so I can eventually deploy on t4g.* EC2 instances.

    Any way, hope this is useful to others. 🙂

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      Any plans to add generic terraform configuration? Maybe with something like https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-cdk

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        Oh! I did have that as a big ‘maybe’ on the todo list, because I wasn’t sure it was possible. But I didn’t know about CDK. Will have to take a look, thanks for the pointer!

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          Nice! Opening it up to all the providers that terraform offers would be amazing.

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      This is a cool idea… I like that if I were use it in a shell script, all the parameters would be “in line” in the script.

      And you wouldn’t have to concurrently start a VM and then ssh into it, which gives you a race to resolve.

      I don’t use AWS, and rarely VirtualBox, but I will keep it in mind …

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        What do you use instead?

        Someone on HN said they were going to take a shot at GCP support this weekend.

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        Looks really interesting. Will keep an eye on it!

        Good to see HCL outside HashiCorp universe, too. :)