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this is my talk at linuxconf au!

here’s the repo - https://github.com/silky/linuxconf-fashion-hacking - for anyone interested, and the fashion website - https://vandersilk.github.io/ :)


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    The clothes look nice! Did you write somewhere how you got into it? Or how the process of creating a shirt works? I’d be interested in reading more about this topic, not sure if there is a lot of discussions about this so if you have any related links, please do share them.

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      thanks! :)

      for the shirt-creating process, i don’t know for sure, but i believe it’s done with dye-sublimation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dye-sublimation_printer - and PAOM also says they do “slow-fashion

      as for how i got started; the first one i made was the dance one; it came about out of an art project i did at my old job, related to dance.

      from there i kind of just started finding cool images, tracking them in github, and attempting to reproduce them