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    I think the philosophy tag applies here.

    Nice writeup. We’re doomed. Hope that even though we form part of the AI’s kernel, they won’t repeat humanity’s mistakes.

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      We’ll definitely be in the kernel. Hopefully the better parts…

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      Interesting idea, poorly constructed argument. The core insight that the self is decentered, that a large part of our psyche is located outside of our brain or “mind” and impacted by gut flora etc is correct, this was one of Freud’s ideas. I suggest the author read up on Freud, psychoanalysis, and cognitive science, in particular “extended cognition”.

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        Definitely poorly constructed. I have a tag of “I need an editor”. Was more to scratch an curious thought than extend any particular field (hence science-fiction rather than science).

        Another thread I pulled was using “A Deepness in the Sky” as a basis - this is much more pure as it’s civilization on a vast time/space scale (one particular core thread is this -scarily- necessitates a collapse-and-rebuild cycle). I think I mostly picked AI because it’s a more approachable reality right now.

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          Oh I see, as exploratory writing it makes much more sense. I guess I read it wrong. Anyway, I still recommend reading up on those things, it’ll push your thinking on this even further :)