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      This is the first time I’ve seen the term “modding” used for this.

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        Indeed. As I mentioned at the bottom of the post, the traditional term (“ricing”) is quite racist, as I was informed the last time I posted it here. Modding makes intuitive sense here, and is a widely used term in other places. “modding Unix” or “modding Linux” is easily Google-able, too.

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          I LOVE the Unix “modding scene” but the terminology can be cringe. I can never link co-workers to the r/unixporn subreddit for example.

          I hope more graphic designers start to use modded Unix PCs and help boost this art form. It seems like Figma and the decline of Apple/Adobe are creating the conditions for designers to move to Linux next decade.

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            That, and the slow shift away from such cringey language - see, e.g, the GIMP -> Glimpse fork, et cetera.

            We can hope!

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          I’ve never heard the term ricing used in this context. To be fair, I didn’t pay attention how Linux users call it, because it’s simply configuring things ;)

          In the past the term I read most often was deskmodding or skinning, back when you needed special tools to make your Windows installation a little more unique. ThemeXP, ResHacker, Winamp Skins…

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          Always wondered where the term ‘ricing’ came from. Thanks for the clarification.

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          FYI there’s still one instance of the term “ricing” (just after the first two screenshots).

          I don’t suppose you’re still using the purple theme? I like it.

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            Oops! I should improve my ripgrep skills, clearly :P

            I’m no longer using the same purple theme; the contrast was not sufficient, so I made the background color a little darker. I’m glad you like it!

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      Reposting this, because a. my old website is gone, so the link is broken, and b. it’s relevant to the discussion of “GUI-less” development I posted earlier.

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      If we need to start going through the political correctness topics when we start talking about the changing the colors on Linux desktop, there’s clearly something wrong with this world.

      Don’t blame yourself about wording - it’s fine, no one got hurt (except the special snowflakes who are not even related to such ethnic group being “bothered” in that case) as it’s being used for years. On the other side, please don’t stick the politics into every aspect of life just because you want to be cool and trendy and people around you do that.


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