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      I wrote software to perform a similar analysis a few months ago. https://gregoryszorc.com/blog/2022/01/09/bulk-analyze-linux-packages-with-linux-package-analyzer/

      Great post. Loved the analysis of the microarchitecture levels.

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        Linux Package Analyzer looks fantastic, I might try to run it myself at some point but the statistics you provide in the blog post are already super interesting on their own.

        I’m surprised you didn’t seem to have submitted it here on Lobste.rs before.

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      The bar graphs in this article seem to only label every second instruction (the graph library omitted them for brevity?) Unfortunately in this context two neighboring bars aren’t related to each other, so this is a very important detail.

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        Good point, and indeed Chart.js omitted them by default for brevity.

        I pushed a fix to display all labels, thanks!