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      Hm? I didn’t make a complete walkthrough for the system, but if no cookies are present, you would simply present the login page. Something like:

      const accessToken = _.get(request.cookies, 'accessToken')
      if (accessToken) {
        // do login code
      } else {
        response.status(404).send({ message: 'No logged in user found'})

      And the front end would simply display the login on 404, or redirect to the proper route on 200.

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          I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re referring to. This article doesn’t mention anything about using localStorage.

          If you’re not referring to the article but rather that there is an issue with the blog itself, I cannot replicate the issue. The blog only uses localStorage to persist “dark mode” state.

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        Downvoted because this kind of comment isn’t discussing the content but the distribution media.