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    To avoid rehashing some discussion from the orange site, and to provide some background on the Windows tracing ecosystem:

    1. Windows actually has great tracing tools; I’ve missed them when I have to use what’s available on Linux (at least until relatively recently) compared to Windows. See e.g. Dropbox’s recent post.
    2. Microsoft is thus mostly doing this (and their recent dtrace support) to improve outreach to *nix developers. But they do have another reason:
    3. The underlying API in Windows that powers all of this, called Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), is obscenely powerful, but also…well, just straight-up obscene. See this classic post from seven years ago for a great overview.

    So this is less about providing any new capabilities as such, and more about improving their accessibility/scriptability and interoperability with *nix tooling.