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    I feel bad saying negative things about what is clearly a labour of love, but:

    • getting new monitors may not be a positive for the environment. The first study I found, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277324970_Life_cycle_assessment_of_CRT_LCD_and_LED_monitors Fig 7 suggests manufacturing and use of a LCD monitor are roughly comparable (or were in 2015, likely based on even older data!), so going from three monitors to four monitors (+33%) at -33% combined power use is net-neutral… except for the negative impact of throwing out still-working monitors.

    • 150W seems… not that low? This setup uses low-powered-ish single-board computers, but rather a lot of them. It’s fine if that’s how you want to work, but a nice laptop fits easily in a 150W budget…

    Of course, tinkering with computers is a fun hobby, and environmentally rather harmless. I appreciated the article.

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      The note about climate change ruined it for me. Climate change is real. That doesn’t mean we have to drop all our other interests, but you can’t claim to “do your bit” by doing this kind of marginal nonsense.

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        150W seems… not that low?

        Yeah, that was my first impression from the headline too. My desktop pulls 40-60ish W depending on load (an i5 computer I bought 2015ish iirc), + 30 W for my monitor (which I got in 2007), sometimes +30 more for monitor #2 when I decide to use it (mostly for youtube lol, but another used one vintage 2008ish). Even if you want to count the router, switch, laptop, light, and modem, I’m still in pretty well under 150 W without even really trying.

        I’m sometimes tempted to replace my old monitors but really the LCDs do a decently OK job so I don’t think I can justify replacing them (and besides I like my 4:3 ratio and that’s hard to replace so hopefully they’ll never die!)

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        The first thing I thought was “so many monitors!”, but it seems that recent-ish monitors use less watts than their older versions, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        I’m kind of old fashioned because I rarely use more than one screen ; and only so I can look at the laptop’s webcam during video calls.

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          LED illuminated monitors generally use less power than older fluorescent ones.

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          This is pretty cool. Low power electronics are getting more powerful as solar and portable batteries have gotten lighter and cheaper. Last summer I took my Pinebook Pro, a large battery pack and a solar charger and biked to different parks and determined I could last a long time. I’m still working on the ergonomics but I quite enjoyed the change of scenery and setup. Uses even less power!