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    This is interesting, and possibly worth investigating across common operating systems (change the default ack/sack algorithm based on connectivity), but I got a chuckle out of the summary at the end.

    decreasing the number of acknowledgements by a factor of ten

    just by sending ACK packets a little less often.

    A factor of ten is “just a little less”? :)

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      Is that something I can actually do on all my devices? It’s super interesting, since I have so many wireless things at home. How easy is it to change this for android devices? My wireless blu-ray thingie that also does Netflix and stuff? Will it blend?

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        This article is fairly awful. Netflix sends a lot of upstream data be cause it does a HUGE amount of logging (I’ve seen presentations by engineers that describe it as the world’s largest logging platform). It has nothing to do with ACK packets (which the author failed to note are empty).

        Additionally, using 802.11g on a congested 2.4 GHz spectrum to make declarations about all of TCP (per the article’s actual title) is lunacy.