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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Celebrating my graduation from college! I finished up my Bachelor’s in Compsci on 3/27, so Ill have my family and closest friends at our house for a get together, our best friends and their daughter are already in town and spending the night with us so couldn’t be any better! Glad to be able to spend time with everyone now vs. dealing with homework assignments, it was a long 4 years.

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      I’m writing my first non-trivial macOS application: a VPN that can direct traffic to specified IP ranges to a local port. Today I finally got the signing permissions figured out[0], and was able to route a test packet.

      Te general idea is to hook it up to a usermode switch that can talk to QEMU and WireGuard, so that all VMs running on my laptop or desktop become routable from a normal browser/terminal.

      [0] Apple is super strict about network extensions, and won’t even let them run on a SIP’d machine without an official developer account + permissions manifest + certificate.

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        Nice! I happen to have similar scars, FWIW :)

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      Plan on working on a lisp-based OS thingy !

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      Spreading myself thin by having too many side projects.

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        I solve this by asking myself “which of these side-projects are the ones I really want to have accomplished before I die?”

        No pressure.

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          That’s a good solution :) For smaller projects replace with “before I get bored/tired”

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      I moved to the Bay Area because when the world zigs I zag and I’ll be unpacking my stuff

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      Redesigning my TLA+ workshop for a corporate event next week. Then celebrating someone else’s birthday. Then celebrating my own birthday.

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        Happy birthday!

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      Washing my car, feeding my bees, and taking teams of high school students to the University of Virginia Programming Competition.

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      ASU is having a Machine Learning Day and my lab is traveling to Tempe today to watch some lightning talks! I’m also finally almost maybe finished gathering empirical evidence for my research and am going to whip up a quick draft of some sections in the paper my advisor & I are working on. I graduate in less than a month so I’ve got a bunch of work to grind through.

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      Complete my code CAD workflow finally. I submitted https://github.com/mkeeter/erizo/pull/11 so I can keep this very performant STL viewer open, and now I just have to pipe models to it as I make changes to my code, which will be a shell script of some kind to handle that. Doing that feature made me learn that if your file format doesnt have file size information embedded in it, or a special “end of file”, it’s basically not “streamable”. File size information is better so you don’t need to understand the file format to know you’ve reached the end.

      Other than that, take the tempo and Christmas lights down.

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      According to my superego, finishing up monomorphization for Garnet so I have a way of making its generics do things that Rust’s won’t.

      According to my id, playing fluffy JRPG’s.

      According to my dog, going out in the nice weather and throwing balls for approximately 17 hours per day.

      Some combination of all three sounds pretty nice, to be honest.

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      nothing. weather is bad, so I’ll be sitting in the garden cabin, reading a novel. Charging up my battery :) maybe sunday sawing come plants in soil blocks.

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      My birthday, last weekend before starting a new job, and hopefully getting the RAM interface on my homebrew CPU to work.

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      Apparently staying up late drafting a blog post about alien (software) artefacts! Going to sleep on it and run it by an ex-colleague before I publish it.

      Tomorrow we’re going to meet extended family at an arcade, before going out for a meal at a great pub we haven’t visited in a long time. Sunday is dinghy sailing.

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        That sounds interesting, I’ll keep an eye out for the blog post!

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          Thank you, that motivated me to put the finish touches on and get it published!

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      If today counts, I built and deployed two super minimal RSS converters for sites that I find important to follow: EurekAlert for general science news, and Papers with Code ML newsletters. See https://emacs.ch/@cpbotha/110196947212868015

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      Summer is here and feels hotter than last year. Planning to visit a hill resort (about couple of hours via public transport).

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      hopefully some progress on a Lindenmayer system side project I’ve been working on, and putting together Fusion360 models for some woodworking I plan to get done next week.

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      Cancelled most of my plans due to picking up a 24h bug on Thursday and feeling pretty wiped out. The lawn needs a second mow, and my “pile of shit to take the tip” is getting large enough to warrant a visit.

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      Working on a demo for next year’s Revision. I’ll probably be hacking away at that for quite a while. Otherwise sleeping, I guess; can’t get enough of that these days.

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      Cleaning up the mobile CSS on the site I’m building. It is the last thing before on boarding paid users (image annotation) so I am pretty excited.

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      Finish cutting wood and constructing small shelves for some of my plants. They currently are very happy on the windowsill, but my new couch mostly blocks them from my view, so I’m raising them up via some shelves.

      That’s tomorrow while it’s raining. Sunday looks like great spring weather so I’ll probably jog down to a giant flower garden near the museums, and see what’s in bloom.

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      Working on a database schema design for a custom realm implementation for HTTP auth. Sounds boring, I know, but it’s actually quite a lot fun.