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    With https it would be even nicer.

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      I’d been hoping that Chrome showing warnings for non-HTTPS pages would make them do it. txti.es has been around for at least two years now, but it seems HTTPS definitely isn’t coming at this rate.

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        https can really hurt availability in countries with extremely slow internet. It is a solid win for people in like the US, but questionable in some other situations - a cost for no benefit.

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          Cant you do both?

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        So this is like a pastebin with markdown and no ads (yet)?

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          Been using this website as a personal journal for quite a while, love the simplicity of it

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            Careful, their TOS says:

            TXTI will delete any pages that are more than 6 months old but have been viewed less than two times ever. If you make a TXTI and forget about it, it might not be there 6 months later.

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              thanks, I already knew this however I have it shown publicly in a few places for my friends to see, I’ve used it since 2017.

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            Shortest way possible to post a markdown document, great idea!