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    Can we just call it http2 please? What’s this h2 nonsense?

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      Why is one abbreviation more correct than another?

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        For one thing, h2 already means something else.

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          Don’t most two character acronyms match multiple unrelated bits of tech (and most pronounceable 3-4 letter ones too)?

          I suspect acronym and name collisions are here to stay.

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          Primarily, because one’s a well known term and the other (as far as I can tell) completely invented for this article presumably to sound hip and cool.

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            Loading https://google.com.au in chrome and firefox, the debugging network pane shows http/2+quic/37 and HTTP/2+h2.

            If I recall correctly, h2 is the standards compliant flavour of HTTP/2 and quic/37 is google trying to make it faster.

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            the longer abbreviation has more space and is less likely to clash with something else.