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Early lobsters communication technology

Hey folks!

  • Do you like discussing things with other crustaceans?
  • Do you hate leaving the house, or do you just live inconveniently far from other people?
  • Do you have a functioning microphone/camera/keyboard?

If you answered “yes”, “sure”, or “what are you selling?” to any of the above, then you’re the lobsters we’re looking for!

I’d like to start a thread to give site users the opportunity to coordinate on meeting each other online and having a friendly chat!


  1. If interested, make a post in this thread. Include preferred contact method, areas of expertise, hobbies, and things you don’t want to talk about.
  2. Users who want to pair up reply to your post.
  3. Using PMs, orchestrate virtual meetup with partner.
  4. PM me (angersock) when you’ve had a meetup so I can see how many people did it. If we get enough interest, we can maybe do a reflection thread later (mods willing).


  • Don’t be a jerk to other lobsters. Don’t be skeevy. Be polite.
  • Try keeping conversations between 0.5 and 1.0 hour, because that’s easier to schedule.
  • Consider using voice-only for communications if you aren’t comfortable, at least for this first run.
  • Consider using throwaway accounts (with your username in there somewhere) for the first run.
  • Talk with lobsters who know more than you about something.
  • Have fun!

EDIT: Shoutout to @ngoldbaum for the new name!


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    would be down

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      I’ll throw my own hat in the ring:

      Preferred contact: Google Hangout, open to suggestions

      Areas of expertise: Frontend Javascript, graphics (rusty), learning Elixir/Erlang/OTP, C, C++ (‘03, not so much the new stuff), mechanical engineering (rusty), game development (rusty)

      Hobbies: Web development, reading science fiction, gaming, arguing with people on the internet

      Don’t care for: I’ll chat about almost anything.

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        I would be up for this.

        • Preferred contact method: I am set up to do Facetime, Skype, or Hangout, with or without video. English or Norwegian.

        • Areas of expertise: about 13 years experience writing various backends & web APIs. (Mostly REST, but also some SOAP.) Have developed a bit of an intuition for maintainability.

        • Hobbies:Making & contributing to software, Archery, DIY around the house, faffing around in Emacs.

        • Don’t want to talk about: Not interested in a bitching/griping session.

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          Assuming you still live in Norway (or at least a European timezone), I’d be down for video-chatting with you in English over Hangouts. Much like you, I’ve been a software engineer for a bit over 12 years and have spent the past few writing backend infrastructure and implementing REST APIs, contributing to a similar intuition for maintainability. I am a Vim user but we needn’t let that get between us ;-) I’m particularly interested in picking your brain about archery, since I’ve tried it a few times and want to get more into it.

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          I’m up for this too.

          I’ll chat over any medium, though Hangouts is preferred. I can only speak English, and will be fairly busy for a few weeks (I’m relocating to Germany soon), but am fairly flexible on time.

          I’m about to finish my final exams of a CS degree at The University of Manchester, and am returning to Google for an internship this Summer (hence the relocation). My areas of competency include Java dev, parallel programming and CS theory. As for hobbies (other than programming), I hit the gym quite a lot and am about to start the bouldering season again soon.

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            I’m interested.

            • Preferred contact method: Email, IRC, unix talk, flexible on other mediums but currently unwilling to take the tape off of the cameras on my internet-connected devices
            • Areas of Expertise: Factory work, farm labour, balancing multiple jobs, self-deprecation
            • Hobbies: Music, writing, keeping time in nanoseconds
            • Don’t want to talk about: N/A
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              Email, Skype. Would love to talk about Music Software.

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                I’m game.

                Preferred Contact Method: Flexible, but I host my own µMurmur server, so that may actually be the simplest since it’s already there. EDIT: Along those lines, if multiple people are interested in chatting in a room, mumble makes that super easy.

                Areas of Expertise: I’ve been doing C programming several years now, I love to dabble in the functional world (particularly with Haskell and Idris when being practical and the Lambda Calculus when being theoretical). I work as the pseudo-Head of IT and pseudo-Head of Software Development at my company, so we can talk about that kind of thing too. Outside comp-sci, I am a formally trained political scientist (I stayed squarely on the theory side); so that would be fine to chat about too.

                Hobbies: I love coding, I find myself doing it a lot as a hobby. Music, Movies, Video Games (less so these days, sadly) are also big ones for me.

                Topics to Avoid: I am happy to talk about polisci, but I actually hate politics, and since I’m trying to stay positive these days, I would prefer to avoid talking about the upcoming election—political theory is always fun though, and I am happy to talk about issue advocacy, just not electoral politics please.

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                  Preferred contact: email? FaceTime?

                  Areas of expertise: video, relational databases

                  Hobbies: playing punk rock guitar, baseball, Canadian accents

                  Don’t care for: I’m easy, I like talking about anything, but I can get a little SPICEY when talking about Silicon Valley

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                    Am always up for gossip on the valley–would love to pick your brain about databases. PM me!