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    I wonder how Envoy compares to Traefik. I found envoy a bit difficult to get started with last time I tried it out (only pre-built docker images, no binaries, nigh inscrutable configs, etc).

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      All true. There’s a desire in the community to make these things easier, but I’d definitely say that Traefik is easier to use. That said, Traefik has similar challenges to HAProxy / NGINX from a community standpoint (single company behind it, working on monetization), versus CNCF.

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      I’d never heard of envoy before this, and looking it’s yaml config I’m not in a rush to dig deeper.

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        Envoy is really designed for machine configuration (the YAML is not for the faint of heart). Most of the advanced config is done via gRPC APIs. That’s one reason why we created Ambassador to manage the Envoy configuration for you.